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Equality California Non-profit Video

Carrie Hoffman

A few months ago I had the pleasure of working on a shoot for LGBTQ advocacy group Equality California.  I got hooked up with this project because the director attended a wedding I was shooting!  Gotta love connections!

This shoot was super cool because it was so different from stuff I usually work on.  I felt like a real documentary professional, which I guess, technically I am; I just don't feel that way all the time.  We got to interview a ton of important politicians and leaders in San Diego and Long Beach.  It was a long day but I was so happy to be involved and it was a great confidence-booster for me!  Check it out!

(Director: Nicole Opper)

The Coronado Bridge Collaborative

Carrie Hoffman

Awhile ago I was contacted by the Coronado Bridge Collaborative about making a video for their nonprofit organization.  They are lobbying for suicide barriers on the Coronado Bridge.  San Diego has an abnormally high suicide rate, especially on the bridge in particular.  The interviews I did for this piece really touched my heart and I hope that this important cause comes to fruition!